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About Us

StayConnect® Electrical Solutions was founded out of a simple quest to help people stay connected - electrically. 


In 2009 that quest was launched with the development of the StayConnect® Outlet Cover. It all started when the founder of StayConnect®, Mike Schutte, was doing simple maintenance and repair work around his house. When Mike needed to use his portable power tools, it typically required the use of a 50 or 100 ft extension cord. When the cord stretched 2/3s of the distance, the plug pulled right out of the outlet. You can imagine the frustration that he went through as he had to trudge all the way back to the outlet to re-plug the cord. Then over time, as this process was repeated, the ground wire prong broke from its mounting position and the two remaining prongs would bend and twist out of shape. Can you relate?

Mike made a trip to his local hardware store to see what they had to offer for a solution to the problem. To his amazement the hardware stores in his area did not have a solution to the problem. The electrical associate told him to essentially do what he was already doing – " a potted plant on the cord or wrap the cord around the railing". Not satisfied with what he had found, Mike decided to put more effort into a solution that would not only help him, but potentially millions of other electrical users.


That occurred in 2009. Fast-forward to 2011, Mike had taken his prototypes to friends and family where everyone encouraged him to share his idea. He took the product to market, and thus, StayConnect® Electrical Solutions was born. Today, StayConnect® Electrical Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. The product line has expanded from a simple solution of keeping the cord plugged in to the outlet, into a line of electrical and child safety products.