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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the StayConnect® Outlet Cover work?
StayConnect's patented outlet cover works by threading the electrical cord through the forks (as pictured). Friction and Gravity take over holding the cord in place while you complete the task at hand.

2. Will the StayConnect® Outlet Cover replace my old outlet cover?
Yes! Your NEW StayConnect® Outlet Cover will fit better than your old outlet cover.

3. How do I install my new StayConnect® Outlet Cover?
Depending on the design of your old outlet cover, you will either have to unscrew one or two screws from that outlet cover, and then pull the cover away from the wall to remove. Your NEW StayConnect® Outlet Cover will fit exactly in place of your old cover and the screws included along with your new outlet cover will replace the screws from your old cover.

4. How do I use my new StayConnect® Outlet Cover correctly?
The StayConnect Outlet Cover can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position.  Once installed, you simply open the door and plug in your appliance.  Once plugged in, just loop the electrical cord around the back side of the door, allowing the hook to hold the cord in place.  

5. How much pressure or pull can I subject to the StayConnect® Outlet Cover?
The StayConnect® Outlet Cover was designed to lend support to the electrical cord and keep the cord from being pulled from the socket ACCIDENTALLY. It is not recommended to stress the cord and outlet cover through strenuous pulling pressures.  Once you have reached the stop tension point, DO NOT continue to pull the cord.  Strenuous pulling pressures may cause failure of the outlet cover, electrical cord or outlet box.  Failure of these components can cause an accident, injury or even death.

6. Is the StayConnect® Outlet Cover weather proof?

The StayConnect® Outlet Cover, Model 300 is designed for indoor use only.  However the Exterior StayConnect Outlet Cover is weather resistant.

7. Is the StayConnect® Outlet Cover or Interior Plate child-resistant?
Although the two products are designed to shield the electrical outlet when not in use, StayConnect does not rate them child-resistant.