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Model: IR300
Available Colors: White, Ivory
Configuration: Duplex, GFCI

The Patented StayConnect® Outlet Cover is designed to prevent accidental disconnection from the outlet.


No more trudging back to the outlet to re-plug your cord!


Model: IR300NH

Available colors: White, Ivory

Configurations: Duplex, GFCI

The StayConnect® Interior Plate is designed to cover your exposed outlets for an aesthetically pleasing look.  No more two-tone outlet/outlet cover combinations.



Cover your outlets for safety, cover your outlets for style™.



Model: EX300

Available colors: Gray, Bronze

Configurations: Duplex, GFCI

The Patented Outdoor StayConnect® Outlet Cover is weather resistant and helps you stay connected to the outlet while working outside with your electric power tools.


Prevent accidental disconnection & trudging back to the outlet to replug your cord.

Model: CR300

Available colors: White, Ivory

Configurations: Duplex, GFCI


The StaySafe™ Child Resistant Outlet Cover gives you Peace of Mind by covering the exposed outlets in your home.  The Patent Pending Two-Action feature allows easy access for adults, not children.


The Perfect Blend of Safety and Style™.

How many times have you been interrupted while vacuuming, working in the yard or shop, or even on the job - because your electrical cord came unplugged from the wall? Did you then have to stop what you were doing, walk all the way back to the outlet to plug the cord back in while looping it around a stationary object so that it did not come unplugged again? This sequence occurs thousands of times a day and results in millions of hours of lost production.

The patented StayConnect® Outlet Cover supports your electrical cord at its weakest point. When an electrical cord hangs from the outlet and is then pulled upon, it causes the cord and plug undue stress, resulting in the breakdown and unsafe use of the cord. The StayConnect® Outlet Cover alleviates stress on the plug and cord, resulting in longer, safer use of your electrical investments.

Over time, hanging and pulling pressures on your plug will cause:


  • the development of premature wear and tear on the plug and cord.
  • the ground wire prong to break from its mounting position.
  • the electrical prongs to bend and twist.
  • the jacket on the cord to fail, exposing the wiring.


All of these events will render your cord hazardous and useless, and will result in lost production time as well as increase the possibility of fire or electrocution!  Avoid these circumstances now! 


The StayConnect® Outlet Cover provides additional safety for the elderly and handicapped, which ensures that critical medical and electrical appliances remain connected to their source of power, preventing unintentional unplugging of appliances. For an elderly or handicapped person, an appliance that comes unplugged is not just a nuisance, it can be a safety hazard and can increase the likelihood of falls and injuries when trying to re-connect the cord.  If it is a medical appliance that comes unplugged, the effects could be disastrous and even life-threatening. Take the precautionary step of installing the StayConnect® Outlet Cover and avoid these hazards.